Know How to Get Rid Of Stains Easily

Know How to Get Rid Of Stains Easily

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Know How to Get Rid Of Stains Easily

Definitely every one of us has faced those ‘hard to get rid of ‘type of stains and they are really a pain when it’s one of your favouritepieces of cloth. Especially the white clothes when put together with the coloured clothes by mistake into a washing machine, it comes out in a totally different colour. There are a lot of detergents who claim to take off all sought of stains but then when you get them and use them, it doesn’t really work and you are again back to being disappointed. If you are too cool to use a pocket protector and you get those permanent ink stains in your clothes then visit as they have the practically proven solutions which will help you out and tell you how to get ink out of clothing.

Methods of Stain Removal


Rubbing Alcohol


Hair spray

Cream of tartar


Milk works when you soak the stained clothes overnight in bowl of milk with white vinegar in it, in the morning take it out and wash normally. If the satin is fresh then wet a corner of a towel with rubbing alcohol and blot the stain with it, do not rub it as it will make the stain spread. Then wash the cloth with hot water, it will be as good as new. Salt is a commonly used old method, all you have to do is put salt over the stain and blot it with a paper towel until it vanishes and then brush off the salt and wash normally. Hair spray works the same way, spray a little bit on the stain, blot with a paper towel and then wash it. Cream of tartar is mixed with lemon juice and the paste is then applied on the stain, after the cloth is washed you will find your cloth as it was before. So now removing stains is not a tedious task anymore and most important thing is that it gives us our favourite clothes back.



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